Within the last couple of days I had to set up a new development/test server and as part of the installation I wanted to add a Git server. I looked through the many options and decided that I would go with Bonobo. The instructions were very straight forward and seemed simple enough. I followed each step and got to the point where you open a web browser to set up the default configuration. When I did it, I was presented with the following:

At first I searched the web for what could be the issue and there were many "resolutions" but none of them worked for me. So then I took a closer look at the error screen. Do you notice something special about it? (url scan info) As it turns out the default install that I was given of IIS on Windows Server 2012 has a URL scan setting I didn't know about. I located the urlscan.ini file and found the option of "AllowDotInPath"=0. I changed this option to 1 and the Bonobo Git server started working immediately. I don't know if this is a new "feature" of the latest version of urlscan, however there wasn't a single reference to it on the web that I found.

Hopefully this can help out someone else who is having the same issues.