Recently Adobe released hot fixes that allow CF9 and CF10 to run on Java 7 [1].

I actually had to do this on a new install, however there was an issue. I was using the instructions for installing the Cumulative hot fix 4 for ColdFusion 9.01 [2], however I kept having a problem with the ColdFusion instance not starting.

The instance kept failing with Windows Error 2. In the cfusion-out.log the only error was "Error loading: E:/Java7/jre7/bin\server\jvm.dll" and checking the Windows System logs showed the error: "The Macromedia JRun CFusion Server terminated with service-specific error The system cannot find the file specified..".

The instructions [2] stated that if you got an error "MSVCR100.dll is missing." that you should copy that file from the java install into {ColdFusion-Home}\runtime\bin however I was not getting that error and with a Multi-Instance install, the \runtime\bin folder does not exist.

More searching turned up a post about Java 7 and .Net [3] that had to do with the same file. Their solution was to copy msvcr100.dll to C:\Windows\System32. I figured it couldn't hurt, so I tried it and it all started working.

In this case the errors didn't match and the log files were not specific enough to get much information, however it is sometimes helpful to just try stuff if you have the time and a need.

Update: Some of this information would have been really hard to figure out with out the help of a blog post [4] from Charlie Arehart!